Saturday, April 2, 2011

Staying close to home

So no baby yet. Only 4 days until due date, so Ironbaby could come at any time now. I’m now never more than 20 minutes from home.

So 20 minutes from home definitely affects workout options. No more 1hr out-and-back runs; it’s only loops now. No riding the bike to work; putting on my ‘kit’ takes 15 minutes on it’s own.

So my options for staying moving are:
  • Short runs
  • Short rides
  • Rides on the trainer (but only if Jen’s amenable to the ‘white noise’)
  • Yard work, including heavy lifting
  • Walking the dogs
I’m kind of at the point where I NEED to stay moving, though. I know I’m on the the one who’s really “waiting”, but I’m still waiting. If I sit around, watching TV or surfing the Internet or reading or playing music, I’ll go crazy and just irritate Jen. But staying moving also means not being as nearby when Jen needs me. And the dogs are crazy right now (they’re obviously detecting something that I’m not).

I sure hope this baby comes soon.

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