Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ok, self, let's get our butt in gear. Time to adapt, again.

Sorry for the hiatus.  It hasn't just been a hiatus from blogging about Triathlon, but a hiatus in regular, recurring training as well.  Winter and Spring this year had some unexpected challenges with work and the motivation/de-motivation that can sometimes come with not doing something you love for a living.

I am happy to announce, though, that things are changing.  I'm back doing work that I enjoy and, though it's always stressful to change jobs, I feel like things are on the up again.

Luckily for me, my coach has been able to help me maintain a somewhat good base fitness.  So now it's time to build.  Race season is here and I'm looking forward to some training and some vitamin D! Eli has also joined me for a few workouts and likes to yell "faster!  faster!" during hill repeats with the running stroller, especially when it's not possible to go any faster.

Sometimes life can get in the way but it's how you deal with it that counts.  I'm still determined to be in my best shape ever for the ITU Triathlon Grand Final on September 1st.  That's 3.5 months to build.  Getting into my best shape with a busy job and a busy young family will be no small feat.  I can't easily change either of those circumstances (nor do I want to).  So it means I will need to adapt, again:

- Bring back the morning workout (though not every morning)
- Be strict about getting in a lunchtime workout
- A 30 lb stroller with a 35 lb toddler in it is a good training accessory
- Bring maximum quality to every minute that I find for training

Alight.  Let's do this!