Monday, June 13, 2011

Transport as training

Eli is now 2 months old. And Eli can be a lot of work. I’ve been doing my best to give Jen the breaks she deserves and look after him where possible. In kind, Jen is letting me train a little bit on the weekends. But if a little training on the weekend does not a Triathlete make.

So I’m doing my best to make my commutes the majority of my training (although I can’t swim the sewer system to the office). I’m on the bike 3+ days a week for 1:15+ a day, and started running to/from work once a week. I’ll eventually introduce a lunch-time tempo run and swims at Arbutus Club on the way to work.

So can transport be the majority of your training? I’m sure I’ll see come August.

All indicators say “yes”. I can tell merely by the fact that I can’t fit a lot of my pants (through the legs/glutes; the waist is just fine). Further evidence was during a training ride a few Sundays ago. I took the Cervelo out for the first time this year, with the Powertap wheel on to give me feedback on my wattage. And guess what? I was pumping out a great wattage (near race effort) without issue.

Now the problem is that all I have is these indirect references to my fitness. My normal ways of measuring (time trial efforts, speed vs. heartrate, etc) have not been attempted yet this year. And I’m wondering if maybe I won’t bother. Maybe I’ll stay away from the science and give “feel” a try. There’s nothing at stake except being right, so what the heck.

More to come as my August race approaches.