Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This will be a short post, but an important one.

I’m very thankful for the support I’ve received from those directly and indirectly in my life towards helping me to regain and surge past the physical stature I had attained prior to my year away from Triathlon.

I’m also glad to reciprocate that support wherever and whenever I can.

Thanks to Jen who has given me weekday mornings, Saturday mid-mornings, and Sunday nap times to train hard. I was glad when she walked in on my workout in the garage this morning and was too disgusted by the sweat puddle I had made to kiss me before she left for work. I was an epic level of gross from an epic effort. Jen is getting back into shape, too, and she’s getting quite fit. I’m now learning that I need to give her the same support she gives me and am learning as I go. I do enjoy that she’s got her own “The Stick” for after hard workouts and that after a hard session with her personal trainer, she comes home and tells me about how “her legs are totally blown/crushed/shelled/maimed etc.”.

Thanks to my friends at Speed Theory who are helping me where they can to make Triathlon more affordable for a gear-head like me and recommend the best value for my dollars spent to buy speed. Even when I pick up a used piece of gear to manage my costs, they demonstrate its not just about buying stuff from them… it’s about supporting athletes.

Thanks to Sugoi for my second sponsorship deal (the deal with my wife being the first). It’s nice when a brand that you associate with good sporting values and a commitment to quality chooses to support you. I will proudly where my training and race kit wherever possible. Pictures coming soon.

OK, that wasn’t a short one.