Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is an Ironman like giving birth?

So this weekend was two back-to-back days of 9am-2pm of "birthing class". For the most part, it was a combo of moments of awe, terror, and gross-out. Imagine videos of circa 1980 footage of women giving birth (in hospital, or "family births" in Mexico), fellow 'students' going off about their home birth plans, and fathers-to-be saying "I don't believe in pain" and looking like that pregnancy and birth plan was their idea and not the mothers'. Yup. That much fun.

The only moment I could relate was when the instructor was describing birth: the endorphins, pain that was more like work and not acute, hydration, fuel, zen inward-focussed moments, and the sheer relief/awe at the completion. She said it was like doing 10k run x 2. I heard it as "an Ironman is just like giving birth". In fact, they told me that some sports drink for Jen during birth is a great idea.

So is birth going to be Jen's Ironman? For whatever reason I feel like birth might be tougher, but at the very least different. ;-) Still, my experience at 140.6 miles might be the closest I ever get to what she's going through: the preparation, the sacrifice, the process, the discomfort, the event itself, the joy of the accomplishment, the pride and love for what was achieved.

I know it's not the same, but at least I feel I can relate a little bit.

One thing's for sure (here comes the cheesy moment), my Ironman physique isn't nearly as gorgeous as Jen pregnant. She looks primed and ready for go-time and more than capable of the task.

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