Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dad wheels

I have been on a bit of a spree getting “toys” that are for Ironbaby as much as they are for me: Video Camera, DSLR Camera (Mirror-less, though. ”travel-sized” is important), etc. I’ve now bought something a bit bigger: new car. It’s fun to drive, stylish interior, great stereo, cool features, and… it’s a wagon (for the record, I’ve wanted a wagon before I was thinking about children, so there).

My buddy Gerry pointed out that I could buy several of the most top-end bikes on the market today for what this car cost. Up to a couple of months ago, bikes would have actually been the priority. Now I wanted to have enough space in the car to carry baby gear, my bike, and maybe even a 2nd bike that my kid could ride.

Moral of the story: Today I felt like my way of thinking isn’t changing as a result of being an expectant father… …being an expectant father is integrating into the way I think today. Maybe fatherhood will be evolution or progression to the way I am today, not replacement.

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