Monday, April 1, 2013


My first race of the season (tentative?) is only 5 weeks away and my 'A' race is 10 weeks away. That's a few more build cycles, maybe a few recovery weeks, and a little taper.  Anticipation is starting to build.

About 2 months ago I was "ahead of the curve"; my strength was further along than in years past and I was building quick.  Training isn't always a smooth journey...   a few weeks of being sick, a few weeks of sitting on a spin bike instead of my TT bike, blah, wah, wah.  Long-story-short, I'm back and track and ready for some focus.   But really, this isn't the point of the story.

At this point in the season, I start to anticipate what it will have in store.  This year in particular, my anticipation is broader than just the sport.  I'm anticipating what it will be like to travel without family if/when I race in Utah.  I'm anticipating being on a 10 hr flight to Zurich with a toddler and his "terrible twos".  I'm anticipating balancing the excitement of being on Team Canada with the need not to totally monopolize a family vacation with "me time".

I'm also letting it be known that after this season, competitive Triathlon will not likely be in the cards for a while.  I will be a recreational Triathlete once again, although a serious one  ;-).   I'm really trying to anticipate what that will mean for me.  It's something I'm having trouble picturing.

All these things put an interesting twist on the weeks ahead.  Last year I was focussed on achievement...  putting the most I can into the experience.  This year, I think I'm more focussed on getting everything I can out of it.

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